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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Is an iPod to blame for my two week absence? Hardly. While I do rely on an iPod to keep track of my running time and there have been several major malfunctions with three separate iPods, I simply should be posting my thoughts after each run. I’ve also been doing a lot of cross-training in the past few weeks and haven’t decided to discuss this much or to count such workouts. Either way, I’ve got my excuses.

Another knock on iPods is my reliance upon them during my runs. I listen to a lot of great podcasts during these times (Pod F. Tomkast., Comedy Bang Bang., ESPN: Baseball Today.) and this acts as a form of multitasking. Aren’t I supposed to be running? Not running AND listening? It doesn’t sound like much, but this usage can hamper my ability to focus on breathing, form, and general effort, all contributing to why my speed and running times haven’t changed very much in two years.

Will I be retiring the iPod during these runs? I think to some extent, I will. The goal for July is to increase my 5k time and push harder – much harder – on shorter runs. This should ultimately translate into faster 10K, half and full marathon times. When I need a long run or mid-tempo run, then I’ll bring the ol’ iPod and enjoy the aural company.

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