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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


With another 5 miles of walking in my minimalist sneakers, the New Balance Minimus Road has been giving me a good workout. Practicing a well-balanced midfoot strike hasn’t been easy physically or mentally – with each step comes the reiteration of placing my foot down in just the right way – even while walking. A three mile walk yesterday and a two mile walk today left my feet and ankles feeling fatigued.

But I soldiered on. Today’s walk took place immediately upon my arrival home and dinner followed closely thereafter. During a meal of fabulous vegetarian chili – nice job, babe – the wife and I watched two episodes of Curb-Your-Enthusiasm-Complete-Seventh/dp/B002OOWKSA/Curb Your Enthusiasm Season Seven. (Larry is great because he is so awful). Once the episodes wrapped, it was only 6:30 in the evening. There was still an entire night!

There was too much time left not to get some exercise. Even though my ankles were somewhat sore and the condition of my Achilles tendon was in question, I had to get out. The weather was a perfect 64 degrees; this helped drastically with my performance. Though I felt incredibly tired after work, went for a challenging walk and worked fairly hard yesterday, I still recorded my fifth fastest time ever on my 6.44 mile route. Overall time: 45:48.

I’ve been working so hard in the gym and on weekends to extend my long runs, yet without much noticeable improvement. Today, I hope I turned a corner, catching a glimpse of how much progress I’ve made in the past month with a sight set on the potential of what’s to come.

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