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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cardio Workout

With my self-imposed limit on all running or lower-half cardio (elliptical or stationary bikes), I've been pained with an additional layer of blubber around the waist. While my weight has stayed the same since JFK50, my eating habits have strayed. The holidays have brought work parties, delicious donations, and random sweets laying about the work space. I don't want a repeat of last - rather, every - winter.

I love working out for hours at a time. Without the ability to hop on a treadmill or rowing machine for 30 minutes to an hour, I've been a little limited in maintaining my gym rat status.

In addition to the balky knees, I've had a somewhat serious issue with my right wrist. It began with CrossFit and ended with CrossFit. I rested the wrist for well over two months and noticed a major difference. But in preparation for JFK, I decided ease up on the running and ramp up the weight training. In the process, I re-injured my wrist.

Since I can't throw around the weight like last winter AND I can't do much cardio, what can I do to keep off the yuletide tonnage? Sure, I could simply stay away, but we all know that's not an option. I've been getting better as of late. On the 3rd day of a "gourmet" cookie binge, I started enjoying the cookies less. Before the pre-work party today, I forced myself to eat some carrots and broccoli first, followed by a mediocre cookie and a cannoli. This was impressive for two reasons: I had never eaten raw carrots or broccoli before and I consumed these vegetables at 8:15 am.

Back to the exercise portion of this post. My workout this morning was awesome. It wasn't until I got changed that I realized that I had released a lot of sweat. No one exercise turned the heat up for me. It was a consistent workout that kept my heart rate up. I began with a series of lifts concentrating on the shoulders with a 12-pound weight. Then, I started three exercises I read about in September's UltraRunner Magazine that focuses on strengthening the core. The article, by Andy DuBois, beautifully illustrates how most core exercises fail to place the same load upon the core as running. These new exercises were difficult, but effective. I followed up with some reaching side planks and a series of machine scattered near my workout mat.

While its not the same as the typical cardio workout, its the best that I've got right now and its quite the metallic silver lining.

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