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Monday, December 17, 2012

Doctor's Visit

It wasn't until I started filling out the seemingly repetitive five pages of forms at the doctor's office that I realized my knee injury first began over a year ago. Perhaps I knew this fact already, but I had chosen to ignore it through 2 marathons and a 50-miler. It was finally time to pay the piper and may cost more than the $20 copay.

After a few x-rays, the doctor twisted my leg around to see if there was any pain in the knee. Fortunately or not, there was no pain. I'll need an MRI to for further diagnoses.

The visit today further hammered home the idea of running efficiently and being healthy. It was somewhat comforting that the doctor showed little amazement about my running accomplishments or my current condition. But he's a doctor that has seen his fair share of nimrods and I'm simply not that comfortable with that self-imposed label. So I need to make a change.

The year 2013 should not have me see another ultra or possibly even a marathon. It shall be about health and hopefully, regaining some speed. Trading the harsh pains of endurance running for the striking pain of tempo and speed training. If all goes well, 2014 will give me a 100-miler and allow me to regain my nimrod status.

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