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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Western States Endurance Run

Today was the Western States Endurance Run lottery and as I watched the names of strangers roll by on the screen as they were selected, I kept asking myself, “Do I really want to see my name listed?”

When I first considered signing up for the 2013 edition of WSER, it was in the wake of completing JFK50. I had completed my second marathon in three weeks and my knees were incredibly balky. I had a mega-blood blister on my second toe (right foot) that resulted in an orthopedist popping off the weathered nail. Oh yes, December is a time for recovery.

I entered my vitals into UltraSignUp two weeks ago with hopes of getting skipped today. It was simply a strategy of sorts in order to give me a better chance in 2014, when I’d receive a second lottery ticket along with improved chances of getting selected. My hope is to broaden my training this year to include a lot of speed work to go along with an improved diet to result in a few less pounds to schlep around. The year of 2013 should be a year of good form, complete recovery (balky right knee since JFK 2011), and a heaping helpful of PRs.

But what if my ticket was drawn?

While I had my hopes on having that fantastic 2013 in regards to running, my professional life was a little less hopeful; I was going to become unemployed starting on January 1st. What better way to spend my free time (read: ten hours a day) than to immerse myself even further in running culture and in a running lifestyle. Training for WSER would allow me to take my mind off pressing pause in regards to professional and family plans.

At approximately 1:45pm EST, the 2013 Western States Endurance Run was not meant to be. This time next year, I hope to a much closer to both Squaw Valley and one of those beautiful belt buckles.

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